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Doctor Mortgage Alliance has become one of the nation’s premier resources of mortgage information, referrals and products for the medical community. We currently serve medical professionals in all 50 states!

“Our loan was in process with another lender and we got right up to 3 days of the closing and the bank declined us over my S-corp income. We were then referred by Doctor’s Alliance who placed in touch a no non-sense common sense lender who not only approved our loan, but closed it within 3 weeks, and we did not have to order another appraisal. My wife and I simply could not believe it. It is all about people helping people! “
Dr Jannis
DDS Tampa, FL

The Doctor Loan Expert you are connected with has demonstrated excellence in customer service and has vast experience assisting Doctors, Physicians, Dentists, Residents and other Medical Professionals within a Private Banking Platform.  

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